The Team


Revd. Fran Binding 

01275 859687 


Revd. Jules Harris

07857 946576

Retired Priest

Revd Carol Edwards

01275 858168


Sylvia Phillips

01275 854220

Lay Pastoral Assistant

Eileen Oates

01275 856597

Parish Administrator

Siân Steel

01275 852442

We are part of the Nailsea Local Ministry Group that includes Holy Trinity Church, Christ Church, Tickenham Church and Trendlewood Church. Revd Steve Tilley leads Trendlewood Church but also has a role across the whole LMG, to do with encouraging new ways of being church.

Other members of our team:

Three parish wardens

Meg Caton (All Saints' Church)

01275 851501


Sue Irwin (All Saints' Church)

01275 856879


Chris Sage (St Bartholomew's Church)

01275 375248

All Saints' Church Verger

Sharon Guest  


 Parish Treasurers

David Dunn (All Saints' Church)


David Bird (St Bartholomew's Church)