Mission and Vision

The Parish of Wraxall with Failand

Who we are:

We seek to be an inclusive church which welcomes all people in the name of God and does not discriminate on any level. A church which is scripturally faithful and seeks to proclaim the Gospel in ways that reach every generation. A church that serves the community modelling, in the power of the Holy Spirit, how wide and high and deep and long is the love of Jesus Christ.


Our vision:                                     

Growing Church 

Our priorities:

Building Community.

We want to be a growing community for all ages and stages, connecting with one another as we gather for worship through Word, Sacrament and prayer. In our Discovery groups, children and youth groups and other discipleship groups we learn together about scripture and how God can impact on our lives and the lives of others. Then to witness to this through other organised groups like Mothers Union, Parish Lunch, Time for Tea, Crossta Coffee, other community events and links.

The ultimate connection we have with God is through prayer and therefore we want everyone to be praying with, for and as church.

Using our gifts.

Together and individually exploring meaningful ways of expressing commitment to the work of our parish using our time, abilities and money.

We don’t get money from the Church of England we fund our own life and work as a church. This means people give in faith in order to help us become more and do more.

An important part of our Christian witness is to support mission projects like the Food Bank, the Sisters of Mercy and CONNECT. We also have a successful annual Charitable Giving programme that supports those in need locally, nationally and internationally. 

Serving others.

We are a community that encourages everyone to be serving somewhere, as they are able to. Time commitments vary and change as people’s circumstances change.  Serving may be helping to make church life happen through prayer or action. Maybe it’s being part of one of the teams that care for the administration, ministry, buildings and churchyards or helping in reaching out to the wider community.