Mission and Vision

The Parish of Wraxall with Failand

Who we are:

We are two faithful Anglican churches, seeking to serve God in our communities. The way we do this is by our mission.

Our vision:                       

In all we do:Logo

We welcome all

We worship God (Up)

We seek to follow the way of Jesus (In)

We seek to make Jesus known (out)

What does/will this look like: (Vision):

UP – how is our relationship with and worship of God developing and growing?

We continue to pray as individuals and corporately

We review our pattern of worship services to ensure they reflect the people we are serving

IN – how do we grow as disciples?

We celebrate the variety of gifts we have and use them to serve God.

We seek to be generous with all we have.

We engage with the word of God making it relevant.

We seek to build small groups.

We trust in the power of the Holy Spirit to equip and enable us.

We care for all who have need .

We have fun.

OUT – how do we share the love of God and the Gospel with those who do not know

We serve through our children and families ministry.

We have links with the school (s) growing and developing.

We worship in our community – care homes; Children’s hospice and where we can.

We organise the Start Course to help people find out more about Jesus.

We offer training for equipping, enabling and encouraging. Ie Talking Jesus

We support outside missions and charities.

We seek to find out the needs of our community and serve them where we can.

Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labour in vain. Psalm 127