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We are a journeying community seeking to worship and serve God in a changing world. We are a caring community of all ages and stages and this is reflected in our worship, work and pastoral care. 

If you would like a virtual tour of All Saints' churchyard why not join Rob Pilley, who has put together a film of All Saints' churchyard and its insect life and it is fascinating. He does regular short films on wildlife for his followers on YouTube  as well as his full time job as  cameraman, producer and innovator. He has worked with people like David Attenborough and his latest project was 'Spy in the Wild' for the BBC. Bridget, his wife, looks after the bookings for us at the CTC and Ethan and Scarlett come to our ATIC services when they can.  Here is the link:


Monday 1st June

Dear friends,

Welcome to another week of emails. Is it week 11? I’m beginning to lose count! Perhaps you can organise a few of the family getting together in the garden while the weather is good this week even though it is with social distancing or if not that then perhaps invite a friend for a walk or chat? If you can’t do either of these then please do join us for one of our services.

If you would like to join us tomorrow morning at 8.15am then please contact Fran for the link.

For those of you on the PCC we have a meeting at 7pm on June 10th so please look out for a request from Elize for reports if you have an area of responsibility. Please let me know of anything interesting going on that I can add to the daily emails, events or anything else of interest.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the lovely weather though it is meant to be cooling down a little this week.

In work and worship
God is with us.
Gathered and scattered
God is with us.
Now and always
God is with us.

Love and prayers,



Here is the YouTube link for a reflection from Bishop Peter on Sundays.

With worship services and groups of all kinds currently suspended, this week ROOTS is offering a whole week's free resources for people to use at home. There are two sets of resources; a page with materials suitable for adults and a page for families.  See the Prayer and Worship and Children's & Families pages for the relevant versions

You can join us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.15am for morning prayer or if that's too early then we have a communion service on Thursday at 10am and then our Sunday Service with a chance to chat at 10.15am. If you would like the information to join one of these Zoom meetings, please email me here.

For those of you with young children, we have a Sunny Sapling Story Time on Thursdays at 11am which is followed by a game, rhyme or song.

Thank you so much to those who give by standing order and thank you to those who normally use the yellow envelopes to support the church and its work who have used online giving using one of the methods mentioned on our News Updates page.  

Please if these methods are not for you then perhaps you could put a little each week in an envelope and bring it with you when we next gather at church?

We are a generous church and your support is always valued and particularly so in these difficult times.

The liturgy for Holy Communion in the Easter Season and for Holy Communion in the style used by the Iona Community can be found on the Orders of Service page.

ZOOM!  - visit our Practical Help page for information on help with using this software to access our online services.

Food bank - visit our News Updates page for information about our local foodbank.


If you would like an update on what we are doing in the current corona virus crisis click here

Want to know more about us? Click here.

If you would like to keep in touch with us click here.

If you have any concerns at all about Safeguarding then please contact our Safeguarding Officer whose contact details are here.  You can also contact the Diocese Safeguarding Officers and their details are here.

The following numbers may also be  helpful:

WomansAid -  National  Domestic Violence Helpline  – 0808 2000 247

The mix – Advice  for the under 25yrs. – 0808 808 4994

Advice for Male Victims of  Domestic Violence  - 0808 8801 0327

Childline – Deals with a vast variety of children concerns including Domestic Violence -0800 1111