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We are a journeying community seeking to worship and serve God in a changing world. We are a caring community of all ages and stages and this is reflected in our worship, work and pastoral care. 

Wednesday April 8th

Dear friends,

Just a reminder from Carol Edwards to please do continue to send her prayer requests by email.

I hope those of you on WhatsApp will look at the next instalment of the Duplo story? The full story will eventually go on the Website.

Tomorrow’s service will be at 10 am and will be a Communion service for Maundy Thursday and we shall use a reading and the reflection for Maundy Thursday’s email from ‘Stages on the Way’. Bring your wine and bread! The liturgy for the service can be found on the Prayer and Worship page.

Today's Reading: Mark 13:3-9

A Reflection

It was on Wednesday
that they called him a waster.

 The place smelt like the perfume department
or a big store.

It was as if somebody had bumped their elbow
against a bottle
and sent it crashing to the floor,
setting off the most expensive stink bomb on earth. 

But it happened in a house,
not a shop.
And the woman who broke the bottle
was no casual afternoon shopper.
She was the penniless poorest of the poor,
giving away the only precious thing she had.

And he sat still
while she poured the liquid all over his head….
as unnecessary as aftershave
on a full crop of hair and a bearded chin.

And those who smelt it,
and those who saw it,
and those who remembered
that he was against extravagance,
called him a waster.

They forgot
that he was the poorest of the poor.

And they who had much
and who had given him nothing,
objected to a pauper giving him everything.

Jealousy was in the air
when a poor woman’s generosity
became an embarrassment to their tight fistedness…

That was on the Wednesday,
when they called him a waster.

From 'Stages on the Way' a Wild Goose Worship Resource

Please continue to consider the Foodbank when you do the shopping.

If you get an invitation to worship but do not wish to attend that is fine please ignore it, we just want to make sure no one feels left out! Don’t forget John and Peter can help you set up Zoom if you would like to contact them.

CTINAD are helping to provide materials for toddlers of those families who are having help from the foodbank and those struggling to keep their children occupied at home. If you could help prepare material at home by following simple cutting out instructions then an envelope with instructions and card will be delivered to you. Do not open for 72 hours to ensure no contamination and then when you have done the prep it will be collected from your doorstep at an appointed time to add to the store.  So if you are interested in helping please contact Kirsty on email

ZOOM!  - visit our Practical Help page for information on help with using this software to access our online services.

Food bank - visit our News Updates page for information about our local foodbank.

In work and worship
God is with us.
Gathered and scattered
God is with us.
Now and always
God is with us.

Love and prayers,


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