Our Church Services

Please click here for our monthly Service Notice

Here's our  monthly pattern for services April to June:

1st Sunday

10.00am Holy Communion at All Saints Livestream on Zoom 

6.00pm Evening Worship at St Bartholomew's 

2nd Sunday

10.00am Holy Communion at All Saints

3rd Sunday

10.00am Holy Communion (Iona) on Zoom

6.00pm Evening Worship at St Bartholomew's

4th Sunday

10.00am Parish Communion at All Saints

(5th Sunday)

10.00am Holy Communion (Iona) at All Saints

Online services

We have a Morning Prayer service on Zoom Monday-Wednesday at 8.15am,

we have a weekly Thursday Communion Service  at 10.00am and a Livestreamed Sunday service at 10.0am on the first Sunday of the month.

Please contact the Parish Office if you would like more details for how to join us at any of our services.

Click here for the Orders of Service for our Online Zoom Services

We look forward to welcoming you back into our churches at Easter.