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Dear Friends,

Just a couple of items of interest to add to previous news. Can I continue to encourage you to check for emails and join WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to send John photos by email.


Many of us give by standing order or direct Debit but some do not.  If you do not give in this way but would like to continue giving to support church as you can no longer use the yellow envelopes then:

You can support All Saints’ Church by Text

To donate £5 text

ASWRAXALL 5 to 70085

Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message
Text Giving provided by Donr will accept amounts up to £20 via number after ASWRAXALL

 You can support St Bartholomew’s Church by Text.

To donate £5 text

SBFAILAND 5 to 70085

Texts cost £5 plus one standard rate message.
Text Giving provided by Donr will accept amounts up to £20 via number after SBFAILAND

You can also support us online.
Search for “Wraxall with Failand” at

or go to

Food bank

This is an extract from an email re the Foodbank

Can you let your members know of the following shortages for the Foodbank. They can receive gifts on Fridays as Southfield Church between 11am and 2.30pm but ideally to give time for packaging between 11am and 12pm.

Alternatively they can be delivered between Monday and Thursday to 65 High St between 9am and 12pm. This will then be delivered to Southfield on Friday morning.

 Below are some staggering details!

92 bags given out yesterday so 172 in two weeks. There is a definite need for tinned food. All that was left of the following after the last session as follows

 4 tins Rice Pudding

1 tin Fruit

12 tins Baked Beans

 Generally as well.  Low on tinned tomatoes/tomato based sauces, cereals and soups.

 Any donations made at supermarkets go to the Clevedon Foodbank which is now not able to supply surplus to Nailsea as they are using it all.  PLEASE consider adding stuff for the Foodbank to your shopping and dropping it off at 65 High Street. If others are doing the shopping for you then please ask them to add just a few items to your list if at all possible as food is desperately needed. We will replenish the £500 of vouchers from Tesco's we have donated when they run out too.

A great idea with the kids! Every time you wish you could go somewhere, do something or see someone put the idea into a jar and save it as a bucket list for when this is all over! 

Sarah Friend

Sarah is our village agent who often joins us for Time for Tea and Parish Lunch and she is very happy to chat to anyone who feels like a chat or to help in any other way. Her role is to support the elderly in our area and she knows loads of stuff. She is there to help!

Can we help you?

If you need help with shopping or picking up a prescription please contact Fran on 07715151626 or email. Volunteers are standing by to help!


If anyone has items for prayer, please be in touch with Carol Edwards who can arrange for the prayer ministry team to pray for them. We would love to support you through this time (Carol: 01275 858 168 or email ).


The WhatsApp group is buzzing with all the creative ways you can reach out to the neighbourhood and shine light in the darkness. If you are not yet on WhatsApp and would like to be, please ask Jules if she will add you once you have downloaded it onto your smart phone or tablet (Jules: 07857 946576 or email). This video gives a clear guide on how to set it up initially

Please click on the underlined writing to open the video.

 The following link is a good read through guide once you are set up. 

In work and worship

God is with us.

Gathered and scattered

God is with us.

Now and always

God is with us.

Love and prayers,


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