Discovery Groups

We meet together to explore elements of our faith either in small groups across the Parish or in a larger gathered group in the Cross Tree Centre.  

The Groups are suspended during the current crisis.  It is hoped to resume them when conditions allow.

Recently we looked at:

Being part of the Passion The Nail 
by Stephen Cottrell (New Archbishop of York)

 The Nail book cover

You hold in your hands a nail that was used to crucify Christ. If you accept it his nail is the beginning of a deeply moving and personal journey through the Passion story. 



Overcoming Challenges’ Nehemiah.


Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living Course


On the Third Day - a York Course written by Bishop John Pritchard

On third day

The Bible Course

Bible Course

The Mystery of Everything.
 Mystery of Everything




Journeying In Prayer

Journeying in Prayer

Test of Faith:

Test of Faith

The Lord's Prayer:

The Lord's Prayer

Not a Tame Lion:

Not a tame lion 

All details will be on the pew sheet, in the diary and on the calendar.