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Community Survey for the Parish of Wraxall with Failand

Please consider the following questions and give us your views to help us to inform our vision for the future of this parish as we seek to find new leadership for the churches. The surveys are anonymous but results will be shared with the parish at a later stage.  Thank you. 

 Do you attend a church? If so which church do you attend?  

 Which parish do you live in?    

1.    How often do you attend church?

 Daily                 For special services only e.g. Remembrance; Easter, Christmas  

 Weekly             For personal services e.g. Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals 

 Monthly           Never 

2.    Do you attend another church?

       Yes       No

3. How relevant do you feel your parish churches are to you? 

   Not at all relevant  1   2  3  4  5   Very relevant

4. Please select your age group.

 Under 16   17-25  25-40  40-60  60-70  70 plus

5. How could we make the churches in the parish of Wraxall with Failand more relevant to you?

6. Please tick up to 5 things that you value most about our parish churches: 

  Community events

 A peaceful, spiritual place for quiet contemplation and meditation

  A beautiful historic building that is part of our heritage 

 Promotes Christian values

 A place to worship God 

 Friends, family and fellowship

 Includes activities for young families 

 Provides a sense of stability and belonging in a changing and uncertain world 

 Music and performance 

 Offers opportunities to explore and deepen faith 

 A place to celebrate life's events - baptisms, marriages, end of life 

 Provides practical help where needed 

 A warm welcome 


7. Do you have any concerns about the churches?

8. What would you miss if we weren’t there?

9. What do you believe are the community’s most pressing needs?

10. Are there any changes you would like to see happen at the churches or in the parish in the next 5 years?

11. What do you think are the three most vital qualities needed in a priest for this parish at the present time, and for the future?

If you have any further comments please add them here:

Thank you for responding to this survey.

Please submit by 21st September