Summer Prayer Journal for All ages

You can download the Prayer Journal below.

Further Guidance...

At home – the resources will work well, provided those undertaking the journey understand that the language of ‘journey’ is not to be taken too literally. Where mobility is restricted, the activities can be adapted as exercises in looking, or journeys of the imagination. Photos and ornaments in the home can have as much ‘value’ for the prayer journey as stones and flowers outside.


Outside on your own or in a small group –  The PDF contains all the necessary instructions, but you might wish to add some guidance about possible routes, perhaps starting and ending at the church door, and some advice about making sure the walkers – especially if walking alone – have appropriate clothing, some refreshment (water, at least) and a means of emergency communication (e.g. mobile phone).

With children – much of the above applies in the same way as for adults, in whichever context you undertake the journey. But in addition, make sure that you have followed your church’s safe-guarding policy and procedures. This may involve getting permissions, making sure that there is adequate and approved supervisions, and so on. During the journey, encourage children and young people to be inquisitive about their surroundings, and to ask questions – but perhaps also with an understanding that some parts of the walk may be in silence. The opportunity to reflect is valuable for children too!